Why Nature?

Nature has been doing R&D for 3.8 billion years since life appeared on earth.  By connecting with the rest of nature, humans can find the solutions for many vexing problems.

Why “lichen”? 

Lichen are a unique life form consisting of a symbiotic relationship of fungi and algae that live together as an organism.  The fungi provides the structure and the algae performs photosynthesis and makes the food.    Lichen live on a substrate (trees, ground or rocks) but are an epiphyte gaining moisture and minerals from the air.  They cover over 8% of the world’s surface.  They can dry out completely and with moisture for many years and come back to life and begin photosynthesis.  Some types of lichen can live over 4000 years. Lichen is one of the organisms studied as part of a biomimicry program.

“Lichen Labs LLC ” works in partnership to solve problems in innovative symbiotic ways.

What is biomimicry?

Innovation inspired by Nature, or the conscious emulation of natural forms processes and systems.


How is biomimicry used to solve challenges?

Discovering models from nature, abstracting design principles from the bio-inspired strategies and translating those principles into sustainable innovations.