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See Limitless Opportunities with Microscopy Research 

Microscopy allows us to see far beyond the naked eye to find unique data needed to truly understand a specimen. With this understanding, the possibilities are truly endless. Through microscopy, we are able to reveal the core of nature to students and scientists across the world.

Microscopy Imaging and Elemental Analysis

Lichen Labs has both light and electron microscopes on-site to magnify a sample through a high range of magnifications from 7X to over 100,000X and enable identification of the chemical elements present.

Sample examination using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and/or stereo or compound light microscopes.

This process provides awe-inspiring results in the form of image data and spectra. Our clients and partners then use this data and apply the research to their biggest problems.

By having these tools on-site, we’re able to create an interactive use of equipment and training. Clients and partners can send samples to us for a quick turnaround of images.

“Lichen Labs undertook a deep dive into one of nature`s inspiring organisms, going above and beyond to source suitable specimens and developing new techniques for delivering exceptional visualizations into the specific architecture of an organism.

This level of service is essential to the acceleration of informing biomimetic solutions in product design. Sue`s curiosity and her willingness to explore and ideate are refreshing and inspirational.”

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