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Meet Lichen Labs LLC

Meet Lichen Labs LLC

Meet Lichen Labs LLC

Where is the best place to look for innovation and inspiration for your project? Why nature, of course! Nature offers unique solutions for everyday problems. Lichen Labs is proud to offer diverse services in Microscopic Analysis and Biomimicry Research. In the endeavor of finding scientific solutions by working in partnership with clients across North America and beyond. 

Lichen Labs founder, Sue Okerstrom, spent over 25 years in the medical device industry doing problem solving, characterization and analysis of implantable medical devices, components and materials.   Her passion for innovation and love of nature led her to biomimicry.  

Nature has been doing R&D for 3.8 billion years since life began on earth.  Sue wants to help companies look to nature to find and apply innovative, sustainable solutions to their most vexing problems.   Learn more about who Lichen Labs serves and why, our equipment, and our process. 

Who Lichen Labs Helps 

We are here to help scientists, engineers, architects, teachers, and students explore how nature can guide us to innovative new materials, processes, structures, and textures to solve human challenges on all scales.

Developing Biomimetic Products

There are some biomimetic products on the market today and that number should continue to rise as more product developers turn to nature for innovation. One example is a sharkskin-inspired surface texture that naturally repels bacteria; no chemicals or antibiotics required. 

STEAM Education 

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education is critical in today’s classroom to guide students towards thoughtful observation, curious inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Through our 7th Grade STEAM Macro to Micro Program (and Online Course coming soon!), we support 7th-grade life science instructors with all the curriculum and materials needed to teach a unit on biomimicry and microscopy called Macro to Micro.

Our Equipment 

To provide the highest quality imaging and research, Lichen Labs utilizes state-of-the-art light and scanning electron microscopes. All research is performed in our lab. we welcome your samples for imaging. 


We were thrilled to be featured on a recent article from JEOL Labs. You can read the article here.

The Lichen Lab Process

Because every single project we assist with is unique, we created a process to provide the best service to our clients.  

First, we begin with a Discovery Call. During this call, we’ll have a conversation about your project needs and answer any questions you have. Second, After the call, we will draw up a project proposal with a quote. Once we agree on the terms and you will issue a purchase order and provide any samples, we will begin working on your project. 

Work with Lichen Labs 

Lichen Labs is a microscopy lab and biomimicry research and consulting business that supports R&D and problem-solving. We help companies apply biomimicry and microscopy to new product applications while also creating educational resources for STEAM students in the science classroom. Contact us today.